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We at EFI deeply believe in the “constructivist” or “experiential” approach to education

This approach is based on two core ideas:

1. Starting from the learner. Children (all people, actually) learn best when the learning begins from and connects to their own “world” of motivation and interest, rather than the content being disconnected from who they are and how they think. People learn best when they feel that the content being studied is directly relevant to and significant to their own lived experience, questions and life dilemmas, and that’s true whether the learner is 2 or 92.

2. Student engagement. Children (or again, people!) learn best when they construct their own knowledge, under the guidance of skilled teachers, rather than just listening to information told to them. While it is possible to learn things by “listening,” the learning is more likely to be robust, meaningful and long-term when it happens through people engaging in higher-order thinking activities like discussing, comparing, evaluating, analyzing, and applying. Good education happens when teachers enable learners to do those kinds of verbs with the subject matter.

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